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Fans of 221B Baker Street have their knitting needles at the ready.

Fans of the new BBC series "Sherlock" have little in the way of knits on display, but that hasn't stopped this devoted fandom from dedicating knitting patterns to the good fellows of 221B Baker Street.

The Wallpaper
The wallpaper in the living room is one of the touchstones of Sherlock fandom. (In fact, it has its own entry on the Sherlockology compendium, as well as providing the pattern for the site's own background.) The big, bold, black and white fleur de lis pattern is eye-catching, to say the least.

At one point the wallpaper is defaced with a smiley face (followed by gunshots). Thus, many Sherlock wallpaper knitting projects incorporate a smiley face somewhere.

Several knitting charts of the wallpaper have been created for knitters to use in stranded colorwork projects. Designer Morgan Dammerung has two versions available: a simplified chart, and one with more stitch detail. You can find the pattern already whipped up into a pattern for lovely stranded mittens, or a hat pattern (which also incorporates the smiley).

Watson's Sweater
In an early episode, Watson is seen in a cream-colored cabled sweater. Fans have collaborated to create a pattern for the sweater, should you wish to try knitting your own. The sweater's design has also inspired a scarf pattern, an afghan square, socks, and a tea cosy.

The Shock Blanket
Like the wallpaper, this is a minor prop that looms large in the Sherlock fandom. Mostly because it is really funny. Are you in shock? Are you wearing the blanket? Now you can! Just knit a big orange square (I recommend either seed stitch or garter stitch). Wear it to the next convention, and you'll be the hit of the cosplay crowd, I promise you.

A Deerstalker
Although not as critical to the Sherlock reboot as it was to the classic fandom, the deerstalker hat is still the internationally recognized symbol of Sherlock Holmes. Here's a great pattern if you want to knit one for yourself or a fan.

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